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Dec 4, 5 & 6, 2015


our philosophy

stitch__resist_ exists to fulfill the need for durable, well-made items that were crafted with consciousness. While there has been a strong push in recent years towards slow food, eating local and making sustainable choices on the table and in the pantry, there has not been much progress in consciousness of resources involving garments, adventuring gear and home goods.

All _stitch__resist_ products are made with organic natural fabrics, or perfectly good “leftovers” that could be repurposed (e.g. vinyl remnants from the auto industry that were headed for the landfill). With the organic fabrics, we purchase from a small east coast fabric supplier that focuses on clean and safe working environments as well as fair wages for workers.  They support clean methods in all stages of fabric design: from the harvesting of cotton/linen/silk to allowing the silkworms to emerge naturally from their cocoons vs. killing them to speed up the process, to choosing not to load the finished fabric with harmful and toxic chemicals. We value the methods of hand-dying in smaller batches with natural plant dyes of antiquity and use mineral salts to “fasten” the dyes to the fabric. The waterproof nature of the waxed canvas gear is achieved by a Civil War-era beeswax recipe and utilizing tightly woven canvas. Items are tested in real-life usage to help us create better and longer-lived products.

All of this labor is time-consuming, but we enjoy the process and believe it is a worthwhile effort. May you live life well!